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18 Dec 2019 · Two minute read · on Gianluca's blog

News! Tech related notes are NOW published to ShippingBytes. See you there! I always felt this was not the right place for me to write consistently about tech and tools. So if you want to read more about that see you at the other side

In the process of make some order in all my repositories, side projects and so on my terminal crossed over a project I made in 2017 called scaledocker. The idea was a full book. It turned out to be a 2 pdf one describing Docker for a totally beginner, the second one about security.

Looking back I see why I am so happy to build and share what I do, I am still like that today!

I was discussing with Jenny about what do with this project and we thought about the possibility to refresh those contents as part of a series in

I had a look around at this scenario, the contents are still good but I can’t find the raw version of the PDF. It makes this work very hard. That’s why I decided to archive it here. will stay up and running redirecting everybody to this article, where you can find both PDFs. It is for sale, just make an offer you can have it starting from Sept 2020.

This is not at end at all! There is an all section in my blog related to docker and who knows what I will work on in 2020! I just do not like the idea to have this project keeping a domain busy, I bet there are people that can make a better use of it as I tried to do few years ago!

In order to stay in touch with me my website is a good way and I rumble a lot on twitter as well!

Docker the Fundamental

25 pages

Getting Started about Docker, it covers basic concepts about what container means and it’s a starting point to understand containers, Docker and all the ecosystem.

  1. Introduction
  2. Install Docker on Ubuntu 16.04
  3. Install Docker on Mac
  4. Install Docker on Windows
  5. Run your first HTTP application
  6. Docker engine architect
  7. Image and Registry
  8. Docker Command Line Tool
  9. Volumes and File Systems 20
  10. Network and Links
  11. Conclusion

Open the pdf

Docker Security - Play Safe

55 pages

When you think about production everything stops to be a joke. Containers, cloud computing, scalability is something that fit well with security? I have my personal response for this question and with this paper I am going to show what I mean with security and how containers, docker, Linux can make this real.

  1. Introduction
  2. Mutual TLS and Security by default
  3. Content Trust
  4. Overlay Network
  5. Docker Bench Security
  6. Process Restriction and Capabilities
  7. Open Source
  8. Linux Kernel Security
  9. Cilium
  10. About your images
  11. Secret Manager
  12. Immutability

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Let’s move on!

I hope this project will keep helping new folks to get onboard with Docker or to figure out what they can do to improve security.

From what I can tell more than 2200 people required those PDFs! I am happy and impressed. I can’t wait to see what we will do next!

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