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Docker Captains are Docker experts
                    and leaders in their communities who demonstrate a commitment to
                    sharing their Docker knowledge with others

Docker Captains are Docker experts and leaders in their communities who demonstrate a commitment to sharing their Docker knowledge with others.

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18 Dec 2019 Free PDFs about Docker from a Captain

This article contains the ebooks listed in scaledocker.com. That link won't be available forever and I decided to move it here. If you are a beginner and you are happy to read about docker I got you covered. Security? There are 22 pages available for you as well. Enjoy.

08 Jan 2019 testcontainer library to programmatically provision integration tests in Go with containers

Provisioning the environment for integration tests is not easy. You need a flexible strategy to build isolated environment per test and to inject the data you need to verify your assertions. I have ported a popular library from Java to Golang called testcontainers. It wraps the Docker API in order to provide a simple test friendly library that you can use to run containers in test cases.

21 Mar 2018 How to use a Forwarding Proxy with golang

Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes make your environment extremely dynamic, it has a lot of advantages but it adds another layer of complexity. This article is about forward proxy and golang. How to configure your http Client to use an http, https forward proxy for your golang application to increase security, scalability and to have a set of public ips for outbound traffic.

20 Oct 2017 From Docker to Moby

Docker announced during DockerCon a new project called Moby. Moby will be the new home for Docker and all the other open source projects like containerd, linuxkit, vpnkit and so on. Moby is the glue for all that open source code. It will look as an entire platform to ship, build and run containers at scale.

10 Oct 2017 Git git git, but better

Doesn't matter for how much time you are using git or any version control system, you always have something to learn abut them. Not about the actual interface but about the right mindset.

09 Aug 2017 Orbiter the Docker Swarm autoscaler on the road to BETA-1

Orbiter is a project written in go. It is an autoscaler for Docker containers. In particular it works with Docker Swarm. It provides autoscaling capabilities for your services.

05 Jun 2017 Container security and immutability

Docker, container and immutability. Have an immutable system has advantages not only from deploy, release and scalability point of view but also from security side. Deploy and build a new release quickly and high frequency improve the way you trust your provisioning system. Have the old environment still running and ready to be rolled back is another good point.

22 Apr 2017 Orbiter an OSS Docker Swarm Autoscaler

Orbiter is an open source project design to become a cross provider autoscaler. At the moment it works like Zero Configuration Autoscaler for Docker Swarm. It also has a basic implementation to autoscale Digitalocean. This project is designed with InfluxData a company that provides OSS solution like InfluxDB, Kapacitor and Telegraf. We are going to use all this tools to create an autoscaling policy for your Docker Swarm services.

18 Apr 2017 LinuxKit operating system built for container

LinuxKit is a new tool presented during the DockerCon 2017 built by Docker to manage cross architecture and cross kernel testing. LinuxKit is a secure, portable and lean operating system built for containers. It supports different hypervisor as MacOS hyper or QEMU to run testsuite on different architectures. In this article I am showing you some basic concept above this tool. How it works and why it can be useful.

12 Mar 2017 Containers why we are here

Cloud computing, containers, devops, everything is moving so fast that sometime for big companies or CTO is very hard keep track of everything. What it's just a new trend and what I really need. This post contains my options and a bit of history about docker, cloud computing, aws and containers.

28 Dec 2016 About your images, security tips

Everything unnecessary in your system could be a very stupid vulnerability. We already spoke about this idea in the capability chapter and the same rule exists when we build an image. Having tiny images with only what our application needs to run is not just a goal in terms of distribution but also in terms of cost of maintenance and security.

14 Dec 2016 Docker registry to ship and manage your containers.

Build and Run containers is important but ship them out of your laptop is the best part! A Registry is used to store and manage your images and all your layers. You can use a storage to upload and download them across your servers and to share them with your colleagues.

18 Nov 2016 Continuous Integration and silent checks. You are looking in the wrong place

Bad and good practice when you setup a continuous integration job. Silent checks are not a good practice but analyze your code is the perfect way to understand how your codebase is evolving.

15 Nov 2016 Docker Bench Security

Container security is a hot topic because today containers are everywhere also in production. It means that we need to trust this technology and start to think about best practices and tools to make our container environment safe.

25 Aug 2016 Docker The fundamentals

Docker The fundamental is the second chapter of my book Scale Docker. Drive your boat like a captain. I decided to share free the second chapter of the book. It covers getting started with Docker. It's a good tutorial for people that are no idea about how container means and how docker works.

25 Aug 2016 Be smart like your healthcheck

In a distributed system environment has a simple way to know the status of your server help you do understand if it's ready to go in production. HealthCheck is simple and common but design a good one can help you do avoid strange behaviors. Docker 1.12 supports healthcheck and we in this blog I share an example of implementation.

24 Aug 2016 Watch demo about Docker 1.12 made during Docker Meetup

Docker 1.12 contains a lot of news about orchestration and production. During August Docker Meetup in Dublin I presented with a demo a set of new features around this new release.

20 Jun 2016 Docker 1.12 orchestration built-in

Docker 1.12 adds different new features around orchestration, scaling and deployment, in this article I am happy to share some tests I did with this version

01 Apr 2016 Docker inside docker and overview about Jenkins 2

A little overview about Jenkins 2 but the main topic of the article is about how run docker inside docker to start a continuous integration system inside a container

25 Mar 2016 Happy docker's birthday and thanks

Just a post to say thanks docker for your awesome community and happy birthday!

14 Dec 2015 Swarm scales docker for free

Docker is an awesome tool to manage your container. Swarm helps you to scale your containers on more servers.

14 Dec 2015 Docker and wordpress for a better world

Docker and wordpress to guarantee scalability, flexibilty and isolation. A lot of webagencies install all wordpress in the same server but how can they manage a disaster? AWS with Elastic Container Service could be a more professional solution.


Back in the day I wrote two ebook that I am distributing for free. They are called ScaleDocker and comes from my experience running Docker at high scale in production. Feel free to have a look