Next events

4th-6th Febraury CfgMgmtCamp Ghent Infrastructure as code should contain code
7th-8th March ScaleConf Cape Town Debug like a pro on Kubernetes
29th March CloudConf Turin Workshop Application Monitoring
6th April DevOpsFest Kiev DevOps never sleeps. What we learned from InfluxDB v1 to v2


Date Event Talk Slide
13/02/2018 InfluxDays NYC True Story About Database Orchestration
22/02/2018 php meetup Turin Kubernetes from the beginning
12/04/2018 CloudConf Turin Value of your metrics: goodbye monitoring, welcome observability
12/06/2018 osdc Berlin Distributed Monitoring Video
14-15/06/2018 InfluxDays London A True Story About Database Orchestration
6-7/09/2018 JAZOON Bern Distributed Monitoring Video
22-23/10/2018 Golab Florence Debug like a pro on Kubernetes Slides
5-8/11/2018 OSMC Nuremberg Distributed Tracing FAQ Slides Video
4/12/2018 DevOpsCon Munich Distributed Monitoring: How to understand the Chaos Video


Date Event Talk Slide
02/02/2017 Dublin Docker Meetup Docker 1.13 Overview and demo Slide
03/03/2017 Docker Novosibirsk Docker in production Slide - Video
28/03/2017 Online Docker auto-scaling with TICKStack + obiter Resource
23/03/2017 Dublin Docker Meetup Containerd - what, why, how!?
03/04/2017 Finance JaxLondon Docker in production (workshop)
04/03/2017 DevOpsConf - London Listen your infrastructure and sleep Slide
17/05/2017 Docker HQ - San Francisco Orbiter: an OSS Docker Swarm Autoscaler Video
18/05/2017 Infoshare - Poland Listen to your application and sleep Slides Video
13/06/2017 DevOpsCon - Berlin Continuous Delivery with Jenkins in the real World Slides Video
14/06/2017 DevOpsCon - Berlin Security Tips to run Docker in Production Slides Video
15/06/2017 ApiConf - Turin Open Tracing, to order and understand your mess. Slides
30/06/2017 DevOps Meetup - Milan Time series database Pull vs Push. Slides
11/07/2017 CNCF meetup - Turin What CNCF is? Opentracing in theory. Slides Video
13/07/2017 - Webinar How to Use the TICK Stack, CoreOS, & Docker to Make Your SaaS Offering Better. Slides
05/09/2017 Docker Randstad - Amsterdam Orbiter: an OSS Docker Swarm Autoscaler Slides Video
7-8/09/2017 Software Circus - Amsterdam Glory, monitoring, analysis, understanding.
7-8/09/2017 Software Circus - Amsterdam Workshop - The TICK stack from zero to something.
26/09/2017 Percona Live - Dublin InfluxDB Storage Engine Internals Slides
28/09/2017 Docker Meetup - Dublin Orbiter: an OSS Docker Swarm Autoscaler Slides Video


Date Event Talk Slide
23/02/2016 Dublin Go Meetup Slimmer - PoC born after a revolt instant vs Jenkins Reveal - Video
10/03/2016 CloudConf - Turin A ZF story: Parallel made easy Reveal - Video
19/04/2016 CurrencyFair Meetup - Dublin Listen your infrastructure and please sleep Reveal
21-22/05/2016 PHPKonf - Istanbul Continuous delivery with Jenkins in the real world Reveal
26/05/2016 Jenkins Meetup - Dublin Continuous delivery with Jenkins in the real world Reveal
11/06/2016 PHPSouthCoast - Southampton Parallel made easy Reveal
14/06/2016 DevOpsCon - Berlin AWS under the hood Reveal - Video
15/06/2016 DevOpsCon - Berlin Listen your infrastructure and please sleep Reveal
21/07/2016 Docker Meetup - Dublin Docker 1.12 and orchestration built-in Video
30/09/2016 PHPCon - Poland Time Series and monitoring, listen your application Slides - Video
02/11/2016 DevOps World - London Docker 1.12 and orchestration built-in Slides - Video
07/12/2016 DevOpsCon - Munich Listen to your Infrastructure Slides


Date Event Talk Slide
30/01/2015 CloudParty - Bologna AngularJs andvanced startup Reveal
17/06/2015 InternetOfIT - Bologna Delorean made in Home - Reaspberry, gobot and MQTT Reveal
04/07/2015 JoomlaFestival - Milano Joomla and Scalability with AWS Beanstalk Reveal
30/09/2015 PugTo - Torino Penny PHP MIDDLEWARE FRAMEWORK Reveal
09/10/2015 SymfonyDay 2015 - Reggio Emilia Doctrine ORM Cache layer - It is not a boomerang Reveal
22/10/2015 AngularConf 2015 - Torino AngularJs in Cloud Reveal
20/11/2015 Codemotion 2015 - Milano Wordpress and scalability with Docker Reveal


Date Event Talk Slide
07/02/2014 Zend Framework Day C'รจ un modulo ZF2 per tutto! - There is a module for all Slideshare
27/03/2014 Pug Milano Zend Queue Slideshare
21/05/2014 CloudParty - Milano Vagrant, riutilizzo dell'infrastruttura - Vagrant, reuse architecture Slideshare
21/05/2014 DevParty - Torino Getting Start Chromecast developer Slideshare
07/10/2014 PugTo - Torino Time series Database,PHP & Influx DB Reveal
24/10/2014 CloudParty - Genova Sviluppo di API REST con ZF2 & MongoDB Reveal


Date Event Talk Slide
12/09/2013 Pug Milano Vagrant - What is it? Getting Started Slideshare