Next events

1st May DockerCon San Francisco Write Maintainable Integration Tests with Docker
24th June ContainerDays Hamburg Write maintainable integration test with Docker


Date Event Talk Slide
4th-6th Febraury CfgMgmtCamp Ghent Infrastructure as code should contain code Slides - Video
5th March Docker Meetup Cape Town Extendibility is the secret Slides
7th-8th March ScaleConf Cape Town Debug like a pro on Kubernetes Slides Video
28th March CloudConf Turin Observability: who knows what is going on in production, right now?
29th March CloudConf Turin Workshop about application instrumentation and observability Repo
6th April DevOpsFest Kiev DevOps never sleeps. What we learned from InfluxDB v1 to v2 Slides


Date Event Talk Slide
13/02/2018 InfluxDays NYC True Story About Database Orchestration
22/02/2018 php meetup Turin Kubernetes from the beginning
12/04/2018 CloudConf Turin Value of your metrics: goodbye monitoring, welcome observability
12/06/2018 osdc Berlin Distributed Monitoring Video
14-15/06/2018 InfluxDays London A True Story About Database Orchestration
6-7/09/2018 JAZOON Bern Distributed Monitoring Video
22-23/10/2018 Golab Florence Debug like a pro on Kubernetes Slides
5-8/11/2018 OSMC Nuremberg Distributed Tracing FAQ Slides Video
4/12/2018 DevOpsCon Munich Distributed Monitoring: How to understand the Chaos Video


Date Event Talk Slide
02/02/2017 Dublin Docker Meetup Docker 1.13 Overview and demo Slide
03/03/2017 Docker Novosibirsk Docker in production Slide - Video
28/03/2017 Online Docker auto-scaling with TICKStack + obiter Resource
23/03/2017 Dublin Docker Meetup Containerd - what, why, how!?
03/04/2017 Finance JaxLondon Docker in production (workshop)
04/03/2017 DevOpsConf - London Listen your infrastructure and sleep Slide
17/05/2017 Docker HQ - San Francisco Orbiter: an OSS Docker Swarm Autoscaler Video
18/05/2017 Infoshare - Poland Listen to your application and sleep Slides Video
13/06/2017 DevOpsCon - Berlin Continuous Delivery with Jenkins in the real World Slides Video
14/06/2017 DevOpsCon - Berlin Security Tips to run Docker in Production Slides Video
15/06/2017 ApiConf - Turin Open Tracing, to order and understand your mess. Slides
30/06/2017 DevOps Meetup - Milan Time series database Pull vs Push. Slides
11/07/2017 CNCF meetup - Turin What CNCF is? Opentracing in theory. Slides Video
13/07/2017 - Webinar How to Use the TICK Stack, CoreOS, & Docker to Make Your SaaS Offering Better. Slides
05/09/2017 Docker Randstad - Amsterdam Orbiter: an OSS Docker Swarm Autoscaler Slides Video
7-8/09/2017 Software Circus - Amsterdam Glory, monitoring, analysis, understanding.
7-8/09/2017 Software Circus - Amsterdam Workshop - The TICK stack from zero to something.
26/09/2017 Percona Live - Dublin InfluxDB Storage Engine Internals Slides
28/09/2017 Docker Meetup - Dublin Orbiter: an OSS Docker Swarm Autoscaler Slides Video


Date Event Talk Slide
23/02/2016 Dublin Go Meetup Slimmer - PoC born after a revolt instant vs Jenkins Reveal - Video
10/03/2016 CloudConf - Turin A ZF story: Parallel made easy Reveal - Video
19/04/2016 CurrencyFair Meetup - Dublin Listen your infrastructure and please sleep Reveal
21-22/05/2016 PHPKonf - Istanbul Continuous delivery with Jenkins in the real world Reveal
26/05/2016 Jenkins Meetup - Dublin Continuous delivery with Jenkins in the real world Reveal
11/06/2016 PHPSouthCoast - Southampton Parallel made easy Reveal
14/06/2016 DevOpsCon - Berlin AWS under the hood Reveal - Video
15/06/2016 DevOpsCon - Berlin Listen your infrastructure and please sleep Reveal
21/07/2016 Docker Meetup - Dublin Docker 1.12 and orchestration built-in Video
30/09/2016 PHPCon - Poland Time Series and monitoring, listen your application Slides - Video
02/11/2016 DevOps World - London Docker 1.12 and orchestration built-in Slides - Video
07/12/2016 DevOpsCon - Munich Listen to your Infrastructure Slides


Date Event Talk Slide
30/01/2015 CloudParty - Bologna AngularJs andvanced startup Reveal
17/06/2015 InternetOfIT - Bologna Delorean made in Home - Reaspberry, gobot and MQTT Reveal
04/07/2015 JoomlaFestival - Milano Joomla and Scalability with AWS Beanstalk Reveal
30/09/2015 PugTo - Torino Penny PHP MIDDLEWARE FRAMEWORK Reveal
09/10/2015 SymfonyDay 2015 - Reggio Emilia Doctrine ORM Cache layer - It is not a boomerang Reveal
22/10/2015 AngularConf 2015 - Torino AngularJs in Cloud Reveal
20/11/2015 Codemotion 2015 - Milano Wordpress and scalability with Docker Reveal


Date Event Talk Slide
07/02/2014 Zend Framework Day C'รจ un modulo ZF2 per tutto! - There is a module for all Slideshare
27/03/2014 Pug Milano Zend Queue Slideshare
21/05/2014 CloudParty - Milano Vagrant, riutilizzo dell'infrastruttura - Vagrant, reuse architecture Slideshare
21/05/2014 DevParty - Torino Getting Start Chromecast developer Slideshare
07/10/2014 PugTo - Torino Time series Database,PHP & Influx DB Reveal
24/10/2014 CloudParty - Genova Sviluppo di API REST con ZF2 & MongoDB Reveal


Date Event Talk Slide
12/09/2013 Pug Milano Vagrant - What is it? Getting Started Slideshare