How to become a Gophernetes

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The Go community well knows what a Cryptogopher is! Today is the way where you will learn about how a Gophernetes looks like! Kubernetes is all about extendibility. That’s why every cloud provider is able to plug their network implementation, storage layer or compute platform to it. But in order to do so, you have to write code to glue your platform or external project with Kubernetes itself. Gophers are in a unique position when it comes to writing code for Kubernetes because even if there is an API that gives you the opportunity to write integration in any language, it is written in Go, and that’s a huge benefit. This talk is for Gopher that want to become Kubernetes developers also called gopherneters. I participated in various efforts around integration at storage layers, with the container storage interface, or container runtime interface and recently with cluster-api, the abstract that drives the Kubernetes provisioning in a declarative way. It means that I wrote a good amount of Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs), Shared Informers and so on. It is a jungle and I will share what I learned in terms of best practices, testing to write solid Kubernetes integrations.

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