Watch demo about Docker 1.12 made during Docker Meetup

24 Aug 2016 · Less than one minute read · docker, open source, orchestration, swarm, meetup, dublin, kubernetes, docker captain, cncf

In August during the Docker Meetup I presented with a demo some new features provided by Docker 1.12.

It’s an important release because it improves your experience with Docker in production with an orchestration framework included into the product.

Docker provides a new set of commands to create a cluster of Docker deamon and manage a production enviroment.

It’s something like Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm but it is included and built-in Docker.

I wrote an article about it few months ago “Docker 1.12 orchestration built-in”.

In this demo I do an introduction of some new features like:

  • How create a SwarmMode docker cluster
  • What is a service? What tasks means?
  • How Docker SwarmKit manage a node down?
  • I tried to show the HealthCheck feature :)
  • How docker swarmkit manage containers update
  • service discovery