A bunch of RSS feed probably the first round of many

27 Apr 2024 · Four minute read · on Gianluca's blog

Hey! It has been a while, and I feel sorry for that. I needed a break because life for me spans in between a desk and a screen, a garden, we have built a house that takes a lot of my time and joy and now we got a baby!

Ludovica is two and an half old now, almost three months old and she is an awesome and lovely challenge!

This is not gonna be a technical or complex article because I do not have the energy for that but since I miss you all this is better than nothing and I hope it will give me the energy to keep writing because a few months ago I deployed a sweet and old fashion web based RSS reader and I started building my internet again! I need to admit it gave me good vibes and energies.

I feel back in control after all the Twitter implosion and I think you should do the same.

I decided to use Tiny Tiny RSS in short tt-rss because it is in PHP, with just a few JavaScript well documented and easy to deploy piece of cake. Just as the internet that I felt in love with.

At the beginning I installed it locally on my desk pointing my /etc/hosts to it and then I moved it to one of the Intel NUC I have laying around here.

I took the habit three times a week to select five articles to read and so far it is going great. It is not something that I forced myself to do. No pomodoro time or other weird self building strategy it just happened to be a good cadence for myself now. Don’t set goals, enjoy reading on your own without people liking a post, or reacting with an emoji or a send cold comments about something they didn’t even open.

As I promise here six of the website I am enjoying right now (obviously tech related), bonus point an article for each that got my attention.

Vicki Boykis

Vicki is a machine learning engineer at Mozilla and you know those days AI is kind of hot! I am also into the GenAI space but not all as math expert. I do API, I move data around, operations and things like that. So I am trying to learn a bit more about this industry that today looks like a pile of VC money moving burning the electric power all the all heart.

Vicki is awesome and I like the style and cadence of its writing moving from the practical vision they have for today internet “How I search in 2024” down to the history and evolution of operations in AI https://vickiboykis.com/2024/01/15/whats-new-with-ml-in-production/.

Drew DeVault

I doubt that Drew DeVault needs any sort of presentation. Free Software Ambassador and I enjoy following his journey with his product and projects. A person with strong opinions all in written format.

“AI crap” is beats me continuously since I turned to be an insider in this industry and I love how he makes what for me are impossible and complex tasks to look approachable like writing a shell in a programming language he is developing “The rc shell and its excellent handling of whitespace”


Not only person blog, I also have a category full of company tech blogs that I am subscribed to and since I started to hack on hardware and I turned to be a little bit of a “maker” I discovered Mikodura. Their blog is technically and well written, it is forth following. Can’t say the same for companies like Cloudflare for example, their cadence can’t fit with my reading habit (but I am subscribed to their feed as well, it is muted so I can get to it at my own time)


The new cool editor in town. Don’t judge me too quickly, I am not like Thorsten or ThePrimeagen, I still love VIM and I am not gonna betray it. VIM fully locked me down forever probably.

I subscribed to their blog recently and I enjoyed learning a bit more about data structured that empower editors, they look so foundational that you tend to forget about how technically complex they needs to be “Zed Decoded: Rope & SumTree”.

Be aware that you will get new Zed features straight to your feed and you may be tempted to leave SublimeText to Zed.

Daniel Stenberg

The cURL guy! Daniel Stenberg personal journey to “Six Billion docker pull but the reality is that we all love the blogpost where he shares random emails he gets from his blog “EMAILS I RECEIVED, THE COLLECTION”.

Surfing Complexity

Surfing Complexity knows as Lorin Hochstein and friends shares their journey in the tech bubble. Their last article “The problem with invariants is that they change over time” is a good one but this blog is a long running one, get lost in the archive and tell me if you find something I should look at!

That’s it for today, let me know if you want to get more links for me and ping the people I quoted here to say hello! Bloggers need support!

Something weird with this website? Let me know.