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21 Feb 2019 From sequential to parallel with Go

From a sequence of action to parallelization in Go. Using channels and wait groups from the sync package.

14 Feb 2019 Short TTL vs Long TTL infrastructure resource

I called this framework "short vs long ttl". GitOps, Infrastructure as code are an hot topic today where the infrastructure is more dynamic and YAML doesn't look like a great solution anymore. In this article I explain a framework I am trying to use to understand when a resource is good to be managed in the old way or not.

07 Feb 2019 Extend Kubernetes via a Shared Informer

Kubernetes is designed to be extended. There a lot of way to do it via Custom Resource Definition for example. Kubernetes is an event-based architecture and you can use a primitive called Shared Informer to listen on the events triggered by k8s itself.

22 Jan 2019 Serverless means extendibility

Looking at the GitHub Actions design and connecting the docs I think I got why serverless is useful. It is a great mechanism to extend platform and SaaS.

22 Jan 2019 GitHub actions to deliver on kubernetes

GitHub recently released a new feature called GitHub Actions. They are a serverless approach to allow developers to run their own code based on what happens to a particular repository. They are amazing for continuous integration and delivery. I used them to deploy and validate kubernetes code.