Welcome! I am Gianluca Arbezzano.

This is my person site. I use this space to share my knowledge, what I do and to keep track of interesting things around software development, scalability, linux. Sometime about life, work and growing vegetables.

Just say hello to me via twitter and have a look at my posts. Enjoy!

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10 Jun 2020 First journeys with netboot and ipxe installing Ubuntu

I have started to experiment with netbot, ipxe and OS automation recently to better understand how bare metal provisioning works. I got to a point where I am able to install Ubuntu automatically via iPXE and preseed. This is an article about how and a bit of why.

05 May 2020 Show Me Your Code with Ivan Pedrazas: Application Lifecycle and GitOps

We are gonna have a chat with Ivan Pedrazas, we will we can go over a simple API how to build, how to deploy and the issues around it and how GitOps helps.

05 May 2020 Show Me Your Code with Enrique Paredes: Kubernetes Permission Manager

Enrique will share tips and code around kubernetes permission manager a project that brings sanity to Kubernetes RBAC and Users management, Web UI FTW

30 Apr 2020 Show Me Your Code with Philippe and Giacomo: Vault plugin for Wireguard

Show me your code has two special guest Giacomo Tirabassi from InfluxData and Scorsolini from Sighup. We will code a new Hashicorp Vault plugin to generate Wireguard configuration. Vault is a popular secret storage developed in open source. Wireguard is networking module and VPN part of the Linux kernel. Let's have some fun

18 Apr 2020 How to write documentation efficiently

A bunch of experiences and considerations about how to write documentation efficiently. Without wasting too much time or even more important, without getting too bored or stressed out.