Hey! I am Gianluca and you are welcome to my website..

I like to write about technology, mainly about what I do or what I am experimenting with. Things like Go, IoT, scalability.

When not coding you can find me outside growing vegetable or hiking.

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06 Apr 2021 We are more than what we tweet

We are more than what we tweet is a brain dump I had recently about my relation with work, and social network

06 Apr 2021 How I tricked the cable mafia with PXE. Install OpenWRT on APU4d

No matter how many cables or dongle do you have they are never enough. The best you can do is to trick the system. I tried Pixiecore to PXE boot Alpine on my APU4d installing OpenWRT to it.

14 Mar 2021 DIY Board management control for an Intel NUC: power control

This is my first experimentation with reading and understanding a schematic. I hooked up an Intel NUC to a Raspberry PI to get control over its power lifecycle. I see it as a very simple board management control (BMC)

25 Jan 2021 Nix for developers

Nix is slowly sneaking in my toolchain as a developer bringing back the joy of provisioning. Not as an exercise of translation between technologies and environment but as the art of building your own environment.

15 Jan 2021 Evolution of a logline

This is a story that represent the evolution I had in thinking and writing logs for an application. It highlights why they are important as a communication mechanism from your application and the outside. Explaining what I think are the responsibility we have as a developer when writing logs.