Welcome! I am Gianluca Arbezzano.

This is my person site. I use this space to share my knowledge, what I do and to keep track of interesting things around software development, scalability, linux. Sometime about life, work and growing vegetables.

Just say hello to me via twitter and have a look at my posts. Enjoy!

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04 Sep 2019 Control Theory is dope

This is an introductive article about control theory applied to microservices and cloud computing. It is a very high level overview about control theory driven by what I loved most about it.

26 Aug 2019 Hack your Google Calendar with gcalcli

Everybody uses google calendar in a way or another and if you are a Linux with a light desktop manager such as i3 you lack on some commodities like reminders and notifications for your events. I find gcalcli a very good solution for my pain.

30 Jul 2019 I am in love with language servers

Language Servers are a nice way to reuse common features required by editors such as auto complete, formatting, go to definition. This article is a an open letter to share my love for this project with everybody

05 Jul 2019 When do you need a Site Reliability Engineer?

I read everyday more job description looking for SRE. In the meantime I hear and live the frustration about who does not understand what SRE means and hires somebody that won't fit.