I am Gianluca and this is the corner I cut for myself from the public internet.

I am a developer, consuming and contributing to free sofrware. I am a former CNCF Ambassador, Docker Captain and Kubernetes Release Eng.

I jump back and forth between operations and development. I write about my journey here on my blog. I speak at conferences time to time.

Drop me an email at ciao@gianarb.it or I am gianarb on libera.chat.

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14 May 2024 We got fiber at home

We got fiber at home!

27 Apr 2024 A bunch of RSS feed probably the first round of many

I am building my own internet again and it is all made of RSS feeds today a few that I am particulary enjoying following those days

22 Feb 2024 Linkerd jumped on the bandwagon

Buoyant is the company

24 Oct 2023 How I discover new codebases

Strategies I use when I want to contribute to new codebases

02 Aug 2023 Kubernetes is finally just an utility

Kubernetes is a tool, not a religion. It can tech you a lot about about scalability, resiliency but if your buisness is not driven by this specific tool you should not overlook it.

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