I am Gianluca and this is the corner I cut for myself from the public internet.

I am a developer currently focused on databases and Rust. I consume, contribute and maintain many opensource projects. Check my GitHub account to know more.

I jump back and forth between operations and development. I write about my journey here on my blog. I speak at conferences time to time.

Drop me an email at ciao@gianarb.it or I am gianarb on libera.chat.

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22 Feb 2024 Linkerd jumped on the bandwagon

Buoyant is the company

24 Oct 2023 How I discover new codebases

Strategies I use when I want to contribute to new codebases

02 Aug 2023 Kubernetes is finally just an utility

Kubernetes is a tool, not a religion. It can tech you a lot about about scalability, resiliency but if your buisness is not driven by this specific tool you should not overlook it.

24 Nov 2022 You should avoid Meetup.com

Please avoid Meetup.com. You can do better on your own

24 Nov 2022 From Ubuntu to NixOS the story of a mastodon migration

Twitter is not at its best. Developers are looking for an alternative as many others. Mastodon with its decentralized and feel of ownership is raising in popularity. I started with a hands crafted self hosted Ubuntu server because I felt the pressure about joining as early as possible but the end goal was to use NixOS for that. This is the story of how I moved my Mastodon instance to NixOS

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