Welcome! I am Gianluca Arbezzano.

This is my person site. I use this space to share my knowledge, what I do and to keep track of interesting things around software development, scalability, linux. Sometime about life, work and growing vegetables.

Just say hello to me via twitter and have a look at my posts. Enjoy!

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26 Nov 2020 Lessons learned working as site reliability engineer

I want to share a few lessons I learned working three years as site reliability engineer. I kept the focus on the one I think are reusable, and that made me a better developer because reliability just as everything is an everybody business

13 Nov 2020 Vanity URL for Go mod with zero infrastructure

A lot of Go modules today are hosted on GitHub. But you can setup vanity URL using a custom domain. This is good to decouple your library from GitHub. The best part is that it does not require any infrastructure, if you don't want to.

06 Nov 2020 What is Tinkerbell?

I want to share with you what is Tinkerbell. An open source project I help maintaining, developed by Equinix Metal. Tinkerbell helps you to manage your hardware and datacenter programmatically via an API.

26 Oct 2020 Reactive planing in Golang. Reach a desired number adding and subtracting random numbers

An example about how to write reactive planning in Go. Code and step by step solution for an exercise I developed to learn planner

21 Oct 2020 Your release workflow is code, it is just about time

I think code is some way has to win against specification languages or DSL or even from languages that are not easy to move around like bash. The Kubernetes sig-release is migrating a bunch of scripts from bash to Go and I think it is the right way to go. You will do the same, it is just about time.