I am Gianluca and this is the corner I cut for myself from the public internet.

I am a developer, consuming and contributing to free sofrware. I am a former CNCF Ambassador, Docker Captain and Kubernetes Release Eng.

I jump back and forth between operations and development. I write about my journey here on my blog. I speak at conferences time to time.

Drop me an email at ciao@gianarb.it or I am gianarb on libera.chat.

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04 Jul 2024 One month into shippingbytes

A little update about my first month writing for shippingbytes. My new blog related to coding and programming

03 Jun 2024 Content creator wanna-be

I am wondering I finally figured out how to use shippingbytes.com . I often tried to be a content creator by night but I can't stick to it, as I can stick with anything. I am not sure if this time will be nay different but let's try.

23 May 2024 It looks all about AI but it is not. Live at VivaTech

Counting words in flyers and adv AI wins but you can spot something better

14 May 2024 We got fiber at home

We got fiber at home!

27 Apr 2024 A bunch of RSS feed probably the first round of many

I am building my own internet again and it is all made of RSS feeds today a few that I am particulary enjoying following those days

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