I am Gianluca and this is the corner I cut for myself from the public internet.

I am a developer currently focused on databases and Rust. I consume, contribute and maintain many opensource projects. Check my GitHub account to know more.

I jump back and forth between operations and development. I write about my journey here on my blog. I used to speak at conferences but I am on vacation right now.

Drop me an email at ciao@gianarb.it or I am gianarb on libera.chat.

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12 Sep 2022 My workflow with NixOS. How do I work with it

In the last two years I pick up NixOS as I tool I want to use. The learning curve is steep but I think I have a workflow that I like

17 Dec 2021 Website redesign and goodbye Bootstrap

I managed to remove Bootstrap from my website! You should not read this post

01 Oct 2021 How I started with NixOS

I played with NixOS for the last couple of months. This is a story about how I picked it up, or how I should have done it.

06 Apr 2021 How I tricked the cable mafia with PXE. Install OpenWRT on APU4d

No matter how many cables or dongle do you have they are never enough. The best you can do is to trick the system. I tried Pixiecore to PXE boot Alpine on my APU4d installing OpenWRT to it.

14 Mar 2021 DIY Board management control for an Intel NUC: power control

This is my first experimentation with reading and understanding a schematic. I hooked up an Intel NUC to a Raspberry PI to get control over its power lifecycle. I see it as a very simple board management control (BMC)

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