Welcome! I am Gianluca Arbezzano.

This is my person site. I use this space to share my knowledge, what I do and to keep track of interesting things around software development, scalability, linux. Sometime about life, work and growing vegetables.

Just say hello to me via twitter and have a look at my posts. Enjoy!

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07 Oct 2019 kubectl flags in your plugin

Develop cure custom kubectl plugins with friendly flags from the kubectl

18 Sep 2019 Kubernetes is not for operations

Kubernetes it not for operations. It democratize resources and workloads. It can be the solution to bring developers closer to ops. But YAML is not the answer.

04 Sep 2019 Control Theory is dope

This is an introductive article about control theory applied to microservices and cloud computing. It is a very high level overview about control theory driven by what I loved most about it.

26 Aug 2019 Hack your Google Calendar with gcalcli

Everybody uses google calendar in a way or another and if you are a Linux with a light desktop manager such as i3 you lack on some commodities like reminders and notifications for your events. I find gcalcli a very good solution for my pain.