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28 Nov 2018 Reactive planning is a cloud native pattern

I discovered how a reactive plan works recently during a major refactoring for a custom orchestrator that we write at InfluxData to serve our SaaS offer. In this article I will explain why I think reactive planning is perfect to build cloud native application like container orchestrators and provisioning tools.

10 Nov 2018 You will pay the price of a poor design

I read the book Philosophy Software Design from John Ousterhout. It opens my eyes giving me more confidence about how to explain and apply solid design concept in software.

23 Aug 2018 Chaos Engineering

I took part at a panel at the Jazoon conference in Switzerland called Chaos Engineering. Where I had a change to learn about techniques and practices around this topic that even if I new about it I never had the chance to put my head on it. In this article I am summarizing my ideas and what I get mainly around the definition of Chaos Enginnering.

23 Aug 2018 OpenMetrics and the future of the prometheus exposition format

This post explain my point of view around prometheus exposition format and it summarise the next step with OpenMetrics behing supported by CNCF and other big companies.

11 Aug 2018 Apps I used during my nomad working

When I travel for conferences or now that I work in remote and I am a bit more like a nomad I discovered and learned some good apps that helps me to plan and to combine better work and travel. Some of them are WorkFrom, oBike, Yep, Adobe Scan. let me know yours.