Welcome! I am Gianluca Arbezzano.

This is my person site. I use this space to share my knowledge, what I do and to keep track of interesting things around software development, scalability, linux. Sometime about life, work and growing vegetables.

Just say hello to me via twitter and have a look at my posts. Enjoy!

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25 Jan 2021 Nix for developers

Nix is slowly sneaking in my toolchain as a developer bringing back the joy of provisioning. Not as an exercise of translation between technologies and environment but as the art of building your own environment.

15 Jan 2021 Evolution of a logline

This is a story that represent the evolution I had in thinking and writing logs for an application. It highlights why they are important as a communication mechanism from your application and the outside. Explaining what I think are the responsibility we have as a developer when writing logs.

03 Dec 2020 Kubenetes v1.20 the docker deprecation dilemma in practice

there are many discussions going on Twitter about why Kubernetes v1.20 deprecated Docker and dockershim as default runtime. But it was a well thought an planned effort. Nothing to really worry about and here I will go over the process of updating Kubenetes from 1.19 to 1.20

26 Nov 2020 Lessons learned working as site reliability engineer

I want to share a few lessons I learned working three years as site reliability engineer. I kept the focus on the one I think are reusable, and that made me a better developer because reliability just as everything is an everybody business

13 Nov 2020 Vanity URL for Go mod with zero infrastructure

A lot of Go modules today are hosted on GitHub. But you can setup vanity URL using a custom domain. This is good to decouple your library from GitHub. The best part is that it does not require any infrastructure, if you don't want to.