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6-7/09/2018 JAZOON Bern Distributed Monitoring
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3-6/12/2018 DevOpsConf Munich Distributed Monitoring: How to understand the Chaos

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11 Aug 2018 Apps I used during my nomad working

When I travel for conferences or now that I work in remote and I am a bit more like a nomad I discovered and learned some good apps that helps me to plan and to combine better work and travel. Some of them are WorkFrom, oBike, Yep, Adobe Scan. let me know yours.

06 Jul 2018 FAQ: Distributed tracing

Tracing is a well known concept in programming but distributed tracing is a revisitation to adapt the concept for a distributed system. This article is an FAQ where I answer common questions I received or I saw around the net about monitoring and distributed tracing.

18 Jun 2018 Logs, metrics and traces are equally useless

The key monitoring a distributed system is not logs, metrics or traces but how you are able to aggregate them. You can not observe and monitor a complex system looking at single signals.

29 May 2018 Cloud Native Intranet with Kubernetes, CoreDNS and OpenVPN

Designing an architecture the network should be a top priority because it is very hard to change moving forward. Even in a cloud environment running on Kubernetes the situation doesn't change. Security and networking are hard pattern hard to inject in old projects. In this talk I will share a practical idea about how to start in the best way with OpenVPN and private DNS in a Kubernetes cluster in order to build your own intranet.

18 May 2018 Server time vs Response time

How do you dimension an infrastructure? How can you calculate container limits or how many nodes your application requires to support a specific load? Response time and server time are two key measurements to monitor saturation.