Content creator wanna-be

03 Jun 2024 · Three minute read · on Gianluca's blog

News! Tech related notes are NOW published to ShippingBytes. See you there! I always felt this was not the right place for me to write consistently about tech and tools. So if you want to read more about that see you at the other side

I am where I am because of open source. Twelve years ago when I started my first full time job position I didn’t know much. I got hired as solo developer for an internal CMS for a laboratory. An application on top of Postgres to register and manage tools.

Anyway this is not the point, I didn’t know much, after a few days writing spaghetti code I realized that I was not going anywhere so I opened IRC, I joined the PHP channel and I started asking questions. Somebody picked them up and I realized that near my place we had a PHP Meetup where I finally found somebody with a proper team who hired me, my contract ended and I joined a team.

TLDR open source is what made me the developer I am, not because I write the tip of the iceberg, not because my code seats for 99% of open source code written by somebody else but because of the community I was surrounded since day one.

I already had a blog, 12 years ago I was 19 and my blog was mainly about tech news because I was not a developer, I didn’t have much to share of my own.

But blogging turned to be crucial for my career as a developer, a little bit as giveback and also because I need to be findable. I live in a country where salary don’t stay up to date with inflation, figuring my way out to it makes a difference.

All of this to say that I enjoy writing tutorials or lesson learned about operations, development, monitoring but not here, on my personal diary because I don’t think they belong to here. I end up not writing them, not giving back to the community I belong to.

Also internet is a lot different compared to 12-15 years ago and I feel I need to prepare for something new.

I can’t stop thinking about what Chris Ferdinand is doing with GoMakeThings, I am not a frontend eng and to be host I didn’t find an area or a technology that I felt in love with like frontend looks for Chris (I hope you will find somebody that will look at you like Chris writes about frontend!), but I like to read what he writes, I am not sure consultancy will be for me but I like the place he developed for itself and I feel like it is time for me to figure out where to share what I learn about delivery, cloud, containers, CI and so on. Things that don’t fit to this blog.

I have sitting around for a while and I am thinking about using it for this purpose, in a world where GenAI steals from knowledge owner to serve anonymous answers I am thinking about starting a my content creation journey.

I am not good at all when it comes to timing. This is why I need your support, your support and empathy.

I also want to experiment with something that is not a static site generator because content creators needs their own tools. First version of this blog was Joomla, ShippingBytes right now runs locally as custom theme for Wordpress.

I know you didn’t expect that but what if wysiwyg will spark joy? And I know ShippingBytes will have a newsletter, a database will be useful anyway, static site is not enough.

Something weird with this website? Let me know.