Code Instrumentation

If you instrument your code, watch it deploy, then ask “is it doing what I expect, does anything else look weird” as a habit? You can build a system that is both understandable and well-understood. If you can see what you’re doing, and catch errors swiftly, it never has to become a shitty hairball in the first place. That is a choice.

Read about why I am grouping my articles around this expecit "Code Intrumentation" category. Because it matters. It matters lot.


11 Apr 2020 Show Me Your Code with Dan and Walter: How to contribute to OpenTelemetry JS

Show me your code has two special guest Walter CTO for CorelyCloud SRL the company behind the CloudConf in Turin and Dan Engineer at Dynatrace Maintainer of OpenTelemetry JS. This during show we will talk about OpenTelemetry and NodeJS. Walter wrote a plugin for instrumenting mongoose with opentelemetry. We are gonna see how he did it, considerations from Dan and so on

07 Apr 2020 How to start tracing with OpenTelemetry in NodeJS?

I developed an eight hours workshop about application monitoring and code instrumentation two years ago. This year I updated it to use OpenTelemetry and that's what I learned to instrument a NodeJS application.

29 Mar 2020 Why code instrumentation?

I decided to finally create a category about code instrumentation. Because I am a develop. And I think it matters. It is important to write better code and more reliability application that we can learn from.

20 Nov 2019 OpenTelemetry the instrumentation library, I hope

OpenTelemetry, OpenCensus, OpenTracing, Open your heart

23 Aug 2018 OpenMetrics and the future of the prometheus exposition format

This post explain my point of view around prometheus exposition format and it summarise the next step with OpenMetrics behing supported by CNCF and other big companies.

18 Feb 2018 What is distributed tracing. Zoom on opencensus and opentracing

Distributed tracing is a fast growing concept. We increased the distributions for our applications and the consequence is a different complexity to monitor and understand what is going on across regions and applications (microservices). With this article I share something about what tracing is and my experience with opentracing and opencensus.