Zend Framework release 2.3.4

14 Jan 2015 · Less than one minute read · php, zf2, Zend Framework, release, opensource

Zend Framework 2.3.4 is ready! After 4 mouths the new path version of ZF2 is published.

How all path release there aren’t new important feature but the list of pull requests is very long.

  • #7112 You can find into /resources directory a ZF official logo
  • #7087 Happy new year by ZF!
  • #6673 Zend\Http\Header now support DateTime format for expire Cookie

Zend Framework follow semver directives, 2.3.4 is a path release in this version there are a log list of bug fixes

Good download Zend Femework 2.3.4, this is the changelog