We got fiber at home

14 May 2024 · One minute read · on Gianluca's blog

I remember six-seven years ago when I moved back home from my experience in Dublin dreaming about my house receiving fiber internet! Back then I think my house didn’t even have 100Mb, it was probably 20Mb and Docker images were not that nice to use. Somehow I managed to be a Docker Captain anyway, so I bet Docker Hub was pretty good.

Anyway a few weeks ago I called my provider to help me out with an outage that we solved rebooting a few times the router and then they asked me if I was ok having them coming to replace my cable for free with a fiber one.

Just now that I didn’t feel the need for it anymore! Internet was good enough for my use but how can you say no, and here I am! Writing a markdown file and publishing it with 1Gb symmetrical internet. I think I can get even more than 1Gb but I will need to wait for consumer hardware to catch up.

A few months ago I bought a repurpose 16 ports PoE ethernet switch with 1Gb per port because I thought “fiber will never be a thing here”. I have also noticed that my old tp-link 5 ports switch I have on my desk has 100Mb limit per port.

I am not sure if it will end up taking dust in my ewaste cabinet or not.

That said, if you see myself moving quickly or looking great on camera now you know why.

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