We are more than what we tweet

06 Apr 2021 · Three minute read · brain dump

I have to admit I don’t think the way I use Twitter today is healthy for me, or I am wrong for Twitter those days. I want to be like all the people I follow and read about on my stream!

NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: I wrote this article with Twitter in mind, but as I read it, I think it is just a channel of many. You can replace it with what you want.

  • Look!! She has a beautiful and exciting job at a FAANG company; she has an extremely high salary. Dreamlife!
  • Woo, look at him! He founded his start-up! He got his North Star with a for-life commitment to what he loves! Extra lucky! Dreamlife!
  • So many Stars on GitHub!! Look at how many followers on Twitter; everything she does sounds excellent, and worst case, I am sure an hour of here time costs like one hour with President Obama! She can do what she wants when she likes! Dreamlife!
  • Look!! He produces so many incredible videos about what he learns every week! I will never be that smart! Dreamlife!

I can go this way forever! I want to use Twitter better, and I hope at some point to be able to find a piece with myself! Every day I learn something new about myself; I make my North Star brighter.

I am sure many people share this feeling with me, and I even cause this in somebody. I want to say that it is all right, and nothing is wrong.

There is a dark side of the coin in every story:

  • I work for a FAANG company, I am exceptionally well paid, but I feel my work does not have any value. I can’t leave this city to keep doing whatever excellent FAANG companies do!
  • I have my start-up! I thought my idea was great, but it turned up it is not, at this time. I am scared because I have responsibilities, and giving up will ruin my life forever! (Why I didn’t work for a FAAS company instead?!!? :P )
  • I feel like I can’t escape from stars and followers… I am not married with the reasons that made me famous, I don’t want to do it anymore, but I feel like my community is the only thing I have. Pressure and followers do not pay the bill.
  • If I stop producing content, the social network will stop bringing viewers. I have to do more!!! I am more than that.

Life is way more complicated than what we share on the social network, and it changes drastically. What sounds like a good fit today can look like a prison tomorrow. I recently realized having the ability to sustain those changes is a luxury that has to be considered and maintained.

Something I am slowly adapting to mitigate this feeling is what follows (this brain dump if sull of lists for some reason):

  • It is hard to define yourself, and probably it is not even needed because you are more than a single passion, or your job title or whatever.
  • Use socials to learn what you like and what you don’t. But just keep an open mind because your opinion will change, just as for everybody else potentially.

I asked myself: “do you like social networks?”. Not that much. I open Facebook once a week to check what happens in my local community. I don’t have Instagram and, I use Twitter because I think it is good for my career. And I think I was right. A good amount of the connections I have and the working experience I did were possible because I am active on social media and the internet. It is a tool, and if you don’t like it or if it does not sound right embrace the change. All of this does not apply if you like social networks! And I will change my mind again I am sure!