The abstract manifesto

17 Mar 2018 · Two minute read · on Gianluca's blog

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This is a personal outburst. Stop to abstract by default.

I worked on too many application abstracted by default. And abstracted I mean complicated.

The abstraction is easy to understand when you need it. If you need to think too much about why that crappy code should have an interface, or that made should implement an interface and not an object you are out of track.

Abstraction is not the answer, code architecture is, unit testing helps, integration tests are the key to the modern microservices environment.

Don’t waste your time creating interfaces that nothing will reuse. If you don’t know what to do run.

There are languages and design pattern that probably set your brain to look for abstraction everywhere. I worked with Java developer that wasn’t able to write a class without an interface, or without its abstract. My question was: “Why are we doing that?”. Compliance.

Dude, your world is a very boring one, and you are the root cause.

If you are working in a service-oriented environment with services big enough to be rewritten easily the abstraction is even more useless.

We are developers, we often don’t build rockets. That’s life, there are a good amount of companies that make rockets, apply there or you will put your company in the condition of paying technical debts for you and they will hire smart contractors to figure out what you did now that you are not working there because after probably just one year you locked yourself in that boring project full of complicated concepts.

btw, I don’t think that software to control rockets has a lot of abstractions sorry.

I saw this tweet on my timeline yesterday and I think it really describes my current mood. The code changes over time and I should spend more time making it flexible enough to support this continues to grow. Abstraction is not the right way.

So, passionate code engineer always abstract? That’s not the giveaway, Java engineer always abstract? maybe.

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