Show Me Your Code with David McKay (rawkode): Terraform what?

29 Jul 2020 - Tags: show-me-your-code, terraform, github

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Let’s suppose I don’t know a lot about Terraform because infrastructure as code is not something that makes me happy. I know it is useful. There is a lot of cool things in Terraform itself and I should know it more.

I happen to know and work with David that is always on top of the topic! I had an idea, and he will help me to validate it live tomorrow August 29th in the afternoon Central Europe.

We will put together a repository of “GitHub as Code” that we can use to manage collaboratively a GitHub organisations:

  1. Adding new members
  2. Creating new teams
  3. New repositories
  4. Importing already created resources from GitHub to Terraform
  5. If we can have a look at CI/CD with GitHub action and/or Terraform Cloud.

I will try first time Visual Studio Code with Live Share and I think David will teach me a lot of things about Terraform and 0.12 syntax.

This is something I hope we can use with Tinkerbell.

David McKey (rawkode)

David McKay is a technologist from Glasgow, Scotland. Currently, working at Packet as Senior Tech Evangelist. Well known on Twitter as @rawkode and he writes on

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