Show Me Your Code with Philippe and Giacomo: Vault plugin for Wireguard

30 Apr 2020 - Tags: show-me-your-code, vault, hashicorp, security

When: Friday 1st May 10am GMT+2 (4am EDT)

Let’s write a Vault plugin for Wireguard

1st of May. We are on vacation, the perfect day to start a side project.

Giacomo and Philippe started coding an integration between HashiCorp Vault and Wireguard. This is great by itself. Vault is cool, Wireguard is awesome, what do you need more?

The integration is Vault plugin, and we decided to stream the session on Twitch because that’s what cool kids do those days.

We actually made it, as every side project it is not ready at all, but we got the boilerplate code required by a Vault Plugin to work and the project is available on GitHub gitirabassi/vault-plugin-secrets-wireguard).

After more than an hour of fun we had to stop but they promise we will have a follow up meeting as soon as they have an E2E workflow to show me!

About Giacomo

Giacomo works as Site Reliability Engineer at InfluxData. He is an expert on Kubernetes (💼 AWS DA, CKA, CKAD), containers, Terraform and everything coming from Hashicorp! Traveler and cooker, in a quest for flavors 🤖

About Philippe

Philippe works as DevOps engineer at Sighup. Computer Science and Engineering M.Sc. Student @ Politecnico di Milano. Linux user, open source lover and new technologies’ explorer.

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