Show Me Your Code with Carlos and Tibor: Chat about GoReleaser and multiarch support

08 Apr 2020 - Tags: show-me-your-code

When: Thursday 23th 6-7pm GMT+2 (9am PDT)

GoReleaser and BuildKit

The main reason about why I started “Show me your code” is to chat with a couple of friends from the open source space about what they are doing, what I am doing. And ideally have a drink: beers, water or coffe based on timezone discussing the same topic.

Me, Carlos and Tibor will meet on Skype for an informal chat about two open source project I love: GoReleaser and BuildKit. The conversation will be streamed on Twitch.

You can follow the event live, or the recording will be available here! Watching it lives will give you the unique opportunity to share your love for those projects and your feedback about how to support multi arch docker build in GoReleaser.

IMPORTANT: The outcome of this conversation will not force in any way Carlos to do anything! I hope the experience you as attendees and user of GoReleaser can share and the experience Tibor has with buildkit will drive to a possible integration. Because I will love to have multi arch support for my releases!

I had this idea because there is a long-standing PR about this “Support multi-platform docker images#530” and I am sure that a discussion all together will be constructive and nice!

About Carlos and GoReleaser

I am very excited to have Carlos with me, I relay so much on GoReleaser and its integration with GitHub action to make my development life cycle reliable, repeatable and fast, and I am happy to have a chat about its project and what he will do next!

About Tibor from Docker and BuildKit

Tibor @tiborvass is a well-known contributor and maintainer for Docker since the early days. Active on various open source communities he is now involved with BuildKit as maintainer.

We know each other virtually and thanks to DockerCon and other events since I joined the Docker Captain program, I am happy to have him around showing BuildKit, buildx and the multi arch feature.

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