Penny PHP framework made of components

27 Oct 2015 · One minute read · on Gianluca's blog

The PHP ecosystem is mature, there are a lot of libraries that help you to write good and custom applications. Too much libraries require a strong knowledge to avoid the problem of maintainability and they also open a world made on specific implementations for specific use cases.

A big framework adds a big overhead under your business logic sometimes, and some of those unused features could cause maintainability problems and chaos.

Spending too much time reading the docs could be a problem, do you think you are a system integrator and not a developer?! These are different works!

We are writing penny to share this idea. This is a middleware, event driven framework to build the perfect implementation for your specific project. The starting point we chose is made of:

but we are working to replace every part of penny with the libraries perfect for your use case.

Are you curious to try this idea? We are writing a big documentation around penny.

And we have a set of use cases:

Share your experience!

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