One month into shippingbytes

04 Jul 2024 · Three minute read · on Gianluca's blog

News! Tech related notes are NOW published to ShippingBytes. See you there! I always felt this was not the right place for me to write consistently about tech and tools. So if you want to read more about that see you at the other side is the new place where I fulfill my desire to be a content creator.

I started my blog many years ago. Thank you to webarchive we can go back to 2010, the first snapshot it has about my website.

It was a Joomla installation where I was not writing about coding or programming, mainly because I was not a programmer back then. 24th May 2010 I was 17 years old mainly blogging about technology I was at the end high school learning how to code and almost ready to get my first job in programming!

This to say that writing and blogging got a special place in my life. I like to do it but is my special place and this theme forced me to avoiding writing about many things that didn’t fit in this place. Finally I decided to build my place to write about coding, devops, programming and so on.

Social network overall are in a bad spot in my opinion so I decided to setup it as a newsletter, if you want you can subscribe and you get the article straight to your inbox from an email address that I read and that I reply to!

Similarly to a mailing list but you are limited to speak with me, sorry! I am happy to discuss about what I write so let’s connect!

I decided to get into this new adventure writing daily for a couple of days because we know how important it is to write on a schedule. So I decided to remove some rust from my writing skills. I knew it was too much and too ambitious but I managed to do it for 3 weeks. A small article a day that I shared across various channels: Reddis, HackerNews, Mastodon, Twitter and so on.

Just a few vanity numbers in 3 weeks I got 7k pageview. Probably the first month will be the best month for this metric for a good while.

At the end of this 3 weeks I changed the schedule to two articles a week because it was not sustainable for me and I want to spend a bit more time on each post to get the deep enough. I will keep monitoring the queue of articles to understand if this is actually a better schedule or if I need to change it again.

Hungry of gaining visibility and to build a little community I shared my daily posts on social media, form some of them I got really nice vibes from others, not that much. So I decided to stop sharing on Reddit for now because it is not as friendly as I would like. I will keep HN because worst case they don’t get much interest but when you manage to get some traction you actually receive a lot more traffic, it is just what I am looking for. A platform that amplify when I writing something that people find interesting and that stay radio silent if not. Reddit in comparison can turn quickly into a rude collection of people not capable of empathizing with different opinions and it does not bring back that much.

I am not sure about the numbers I am looking at but ideally I hope to stop sharing what I am writing on my own because I am limited to the people I can reach.

Good for me I have some friends who reach out and get some help from! First one Luciano that owns a great newsletter FullStackBullettin and features one of my articles.

That said I have the next month almost figured out and if you want me to write about something specific let me know!

Something weird with this website? Let me know.