Kubernetes up and running

19 Dec 2017 · One minute read · on Gianluca's blog

I read “Kubernetes up and running” an O’Reilly book written by Kelsey Hightower, Brendan Burns and Joe Beda.

It looks like the instrumental manual, you look for it when you buy something. Based on your knowledge of it you read or not that manual.

I have a good knowledge of containers, orchestrator and cloud computing but I never worked with Kubernetes until 2 weeks ago when I started a co-managed k8s cluster on scaleway with Lorenzo.

The book is well written, I read it in less than one week. The chapters are well split because I was able to jump “Builiding a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster” because I am not really interested without any pain.

Chapters like “Deploying real world applications”, “Service Discovery” are good and the book covers all the basic concepts that you need to know about Kubernetes. You can feel all the experience that the three authors have on the topic. There are gold feedbacks about what they learned using and building what is now the orchestration standard.

Just to summarize, if you are using kubernetes and you like papers, this book is a good way to have a documentation on paper. If you are new to Kubernetes is the best way to start.

Thanks to all the authors! If you have any questions let me know @gianarb

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