InfluxDB PHP 1.3.0 is ready to go

18 Feb 2016 · One minute read · on Gianluca's blog

We are happy to annuonce a new minor release, Influxdb-php library 1.3.0.

This is a list of PRs merged in 1.3.0 since 1.2.2:

The QueryBuilder now support the orderBy function to order our data, InfluxDB supports it from version 0.9.4.

select * from cpu order by value desc

Now you can do it in PHP

  ->orderBy('value', 'DESC')->getQuery();

We are increase our Continuous Integration system in order to check our code with PHP7, it’s perfect!

We escape our query to support reserved keyword like database, servers personally I prefer avoid this type of word but you are free to use them.

Please we are very happy to understand as the PHP community use this library and InfluxDB, please share your experience and your problem into the repository, on IRC (join influxdb on freenode) and we wait you on Twitter.

Remeber to update your composer.json!


    "require": {
        "influxdb/influxdb-php": "~1.3"

A big thanks at all our contributors!

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