Happy docker's birthday and thanks

25 Mar 2016 · One minute read · on Gianluca's blog

Just a post to say thanks docker for your awesome community and happy birthday!

This week is the “Docker’s birthday week” and already it this amazing, one week of birthday, a lot of MeetUp groups this week done a Tutorial Meetup to help people to start with Docker, Dublin made it very well!

50 people to understand as docker and all ecosystem works and to eat a slice of cake (thanks WorkDay)

There are different kind of developers, I am happy to work and to follow each communities that provide a good tools and increase the quality of my work, I spend much time accross different team like doctrine, InfluxDB and I am very happy to see as Docker make a big effort to involve and to use its community.

I wase member of the beautiful mentor team (we will share a “retro pic” next month because we forget to do it) and I am happy to see that we done a good work.

Today we seen that also che community appreciate it! Happy Birthday and see you next month!

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