O'Reilly Report Extending Kubernetes

07 Oct 2019 · One minute read · on Gianluca's blog

A few months ago I wrote a report with O’Reilly called Extending Kubernetes. I realized I didn’t share this major achievement here with all of you!

It comes from my experience not from ops but as a developer that works with Kubernetes.

K8S requires a big effort in terms of maintenance and setup, who says something different lies. Complexity is not too bad and sometime it is a requirement, a good way to justify it is to use kubernetes as much as you can.

Operations and teams need a good UX, Kubernetes is extremely extensible with custom resource definitions, kubectl plugins, controller, shared informers, audit logs and operators.

This report is about it. I meanly use Go for the examples but a lot of them can be re-written using any SDK provided by the Kubernetes community.

It is a practical report, with code examples and ideas about what you can do to integrate your day to day operations with Kubernetes in order to share the pain with the developers.


Now that I recovered from the effort of writing it, stay tuned because I am looking for something else to do!

Read it and let me know if you like it via @gianarb.

Hero image via Pixabay

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