CNCF Webinar: Continuous Profiling Go Application Running in Kubernetes

27 Mar 2020 - Tags: golang, pprof, kubernetes

Microservices and Kubernetes help our architecture to scale and to be independent at the price of running many more applications. Golang provides a powerful profiling tool called pprof, it is useful to collect information from a running binary for future investigation. The problem is that you are not always there to take a profile when needed, sometimes you do not even know when you need to one, that’s how a continuous profiling strategy helps. Profefe is an open-source project that collect and organizes profiles. Gianluca wrote a project called kube-profefe to integrate Kubernetes with Profefe. Kube-profefe contains a kubectl plugin to capture locally or on profefe profiles from running pods in Kubernetes. It also provides an operator to discover and continuously profile applications running inside Pods.

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Assemble Kubernetes

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