Asus universal dock station driver

03 Aug 2017 · One minute read · on Gianluca's blog

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Every developer loves to share things about it’s setup. They also loves to make it better and to spend time on it.

Lorenzo (fntlnz) is super on it! I am not, plus I bought a Zenbook 3. Super slim, less than 1kg, I can use it to cut ham probably but the unique USB-C is driving me crazy.

Probably more than the actual 40 degrees that I have in my home office now! It is probably why I am writing this post btw.

When I bought this laptop 7 months ago the Universal Docker Station was not available and I wasn’t even able to install linux on this laptop.

Now I have an Asus Universal Dock station. I am feeling a little bit better but to work it replace a normal charger, it means that without a socket near you, I can not use a USB… Amazing experience.

I tried other adapter but I didn’t find one good enough. Every one of them had some input or output port unusable for some reason. Most of them because the BIOS has a different watt limit and they can not charge the laptop. I never received a response from ASUS about it. That’s great.

Anyway I am writing this article just as note for myself about the driver that Lorenzo discover to have the Asus Universal Dock Station’s ethernet port running.

Realtek ethernet driver. It’s super easy to install. Just compile it and it will work.

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