Generale Jekyll sitemap without plugin

09 Aug 2013 - Tags: jekyll

This blog is a static blog and uses GitHub pages, GitHub pages are generally deployed using Jekyll.

How can you generate a sitemap without Jekyll plugin?

This gist answers your question. I use some post values: changefreq, date and priority, if you don’t set any specific values for them default values are used that are, 0.8 for priority and month for frequency. In a single post you add this params for use correct params!

layout: post
title:  "Why this blog?"
date:   2013-07-22 23:08:27
categories: me
tags: me, developer, presentation, gianarb
summary: Gianluca Arbezzano, developer, Italian, why open this blog?
changefreq: monthly

If you want to know more about the Sitemap Protocol read this.

Marco thanks for English! :)

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